Alpaca Teddy Bear 12″

Some of these bears have the most unique shades. They all have their own personality. Since they are hand made and are in natural colors there is no two alike. But we will always attempt to give to you as close to the photo you choose as we can. We guarantee you will love the bear that comes to you.

Caution: As with any teddy bear the nose and eyes can be pulled off by an infant and could lead to choking, so we do not recommend giving them to a child under the age of 3 years.

Suggested age 4 to 80 and up!

Note: Our Teddy Bears come from Alpacas that die of natural causes. Never is an Alpaca killed for it’s hide. Most deaths occur in the harsh winters of the Andian mountains and when that happens the alpaca becomes a teddy bear.

100% Baby Alpaca

*Ribbon is not included

Our alpaca teddy bears are made in Cuzco-Peru.

Material100% Baby Alpaca wool