Made with 100% Baby Alpaca fiber with a zipper closure. This coat will involve the whole body and keep you warm and very comfortable. Lightweight and stylish for the winter season this coat will give you elegance in any occasion.

Womens Alpaca Coat, This exclusive coat is made with 100% Baby Alpaca fiber with a zipper closure. It's naturally lustrous, waterproof and exceptionally soft wool will hug the body without stifling it. Alpaca wool is perfect for insulating your body with warmth during the chilly months.

Since its domestication 6,000 years ago in the central Andes of Peru, the alpaca played an important role in the Incan culture. Currently it is a generator of income for families living in the highlands and a luxury product  aimed at eco-fashion.

100% Baby Alpaca wool.

Made in Peru.

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Material100% Baby Alpaca wool